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The two department issued the "light vehicle emission limits and measurement methods (China's sixth phase)"
Click:3554 Date:2017-5-9 16:25:06
The Ministry of environmental protection, the State Quality Inspection Administration recently jointly issued the "limits and measurement methods for emissions of pollutants from light-duty vehicles limit (Chinese sixth stage)" (hereinafter referred to as the "national six standard car light"), announced the sixth stage light vehicle emissions requirements and implementation time.
In recent years, motor vehicle emission standards in China gradually, in 2001, began to implement the first phase of the national vehicle emission standards, after 15 years of development, the national implementation of the fourth stage of the national emission standards, the implementation of the fifth phase of emission standards in key areas, single pollutant emissions reduced by more than 90%, effectively promote the upgrading of automobile industry technology. In order to further strengthen the motor vehicle pollution prevention and control work, from the source to reduce emissions, the implementation of "economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan" requirements on "implementation of the country VI emission standards and the corresponding standard oil", the Ministry of environmental protection, the State Quality Inspection Administration issued a national standard of six light vehicles.
Light vehicle country six emission standards changed the equivalent of the European standard of emission standards in the past, inviting the whole process of the automotive industry to participate in the preparation, fully absorb the opinions and suggestions of experts and scholars and business circles. A large number of investigation and research work has been carried out in the preparation group, and the emission data of 8600 types of five vehicles in China are analyzed and summarized, and the mileage of the 500 thousand vehicles are investigated. The significance of light-duty vehicle six national standards embodied in: one is from the previous vehicle emission standards in Europe and the United States to follow the bold innovation, for the first time to lead the world standards, contribute to China's auto enterprises to participate in international market competition, promote the development of China's automobile industry; two is in China's automobile overcapacity in the background, can to eliminate backward production capacity, leading the industry to upgrade the role; three is to meet the key areas to speed up the improvement of environmental air quality and strict vehicle emission standards requirements.
The national standard of six light-duty vehicles with six breakthroughs in technology content, is the use of a unified global light vehicle testing procedures, comprehensive and strict testing requirements, effectively reduce the gap between the laboratory and the actual use of certified emissions emissions, and lay the foundation for the coordination control of fuel consumption and emissions; two is the introduction of the actual driving emission test (RDE), improves the vehicle emission control in the actual level, under the state to supervision, can effectively prevent the actual emissions exceed the standard of cheating; three is the use of the principle of fuel for diesel particulate neutral, nitrogen oxide and gasoline is no longer set loose limit; four is to strengthen the overall VOCs emissions the introduction of control, 48 hours of evaporative emission test and VOCs emission test of the refueling process, the evaporative emission control level is increased to more than 90%. Five is to improve the vehicle diagnostic system requirements, increase the permanent fault code storage requirements and tamper proofing measures to effectively prevent excessive emissions of vehicles in the process of use. Six is to simplify the competent authorities for environmental compliance and in compliance with the rules and methods of supervision and inspection, so that the operation is more enforceable.
In order to ensure that the automotive industry has enough preparation period to related models and power system upgrades and vehicle open and ready for production, the country six light-duty vehicle standards adopted step by step implementation of the way, set in six a and six B two emission limit scheme implemented in 2020 and 2023, respectively. At the same time, the key areas of special requirements for atmospheric environmental management can be implemented in advance six emission limits. At present, the standard implementation of industry production and oil conditions have also been preliminary. A number of light vehicle manufacturing enterprises have basically completed the development of six standard vehicle in light of the national standard. State Administration of quality supervision, National Standards Commission has also approved the release of the sixth phase of the national standards for gasoline and diesel vehicles.
Next, the environmental protection department will actively cooperate with the relevant departments, to ensure the implementation of the national standard of six light vehicles, motor vehicle environmental standards to further increase supervision and inspection efforts, promote the vehicle oil upgrading, improve city air quality.
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