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2014 APC United Academic Conference Held Successfully in Bondlye
Click:5372 Date:2015-1-29 18:17:57

           In the morning of July 29, 2014, the 2014 APC United Academic Conference was held in Bondlye smoothly. This annual conference was organized by Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines Gasoline Engine and Gas Engine Branch, co-organized by Society of Automotive Engines of China Engine Branch and Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines Hubei Branch, and undertaken by Bondlye Motor Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

     Chen Fuqing, the Deputy Mayor of Linhai, Wang Jianbing, Director General of Economy & Information Technology Bureau, Wang Jianxin, Professor of Department of Automotive Engineering, THU, Chen Xiaoxun, Zhou Mingbiao and Rao Rulin of DFCV technology center, Huang Ronghua, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Chen Faxian, Chairman of Bondlye Motor Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. as well as multiple experts and scholars in China attended this conference.

     This conference highlighted the topic of “energy conservation, consumption reduction, reliability, endurance, alternative fuel”, and carried out technical exchange in aspects of energy conservation and emission reduction technology, advanced combustion technology, and reliability and durability technology. The contents of the conference were abundant. Except normal academic exchange, domestic and foreign well-known scholars and experts were invited to make themed reports.

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